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This whole book has been put into Archives.  Each chapter in the book is listed below and I have made the print large enough to read comfortably.  Each of the articles takes only 5 to 10 minutes to read. 

There are many other interesting articles on the Home Page, such as information on The Temple, Jewish Social Customs, Atlas of Bible Times,  David Livingstone's Diary of going into Africa, and also Stanley's Diary of going into Africa to find Livingstone, along with Old Testament and New Testament Bible History.                                                                                                                                 

The  Tabernacle  Archives


No. 1      God's Plan for Building the Tabernacle
No. 2      The Foundation of the Tabernacle
No. 3      The Golden Walls
No. 4      The Curtains and Coverings
No. 5      The Goat-Hair Tent
No. 6      The Beautiful Doors
No. 7      The Court Around the Tabernacle
No. 8      The Brazen Altar
No. 9      The Shining Laver
No. 10    The Shewbread Table
No. 11    The Golden Altar
No. 12    The Seven Branched Candlestick
No. 13    The Ark of the Covenant
No. 14    Qualifications and Duties of the Priests
No. 15    The Dress of the Ordinary Priest and The High Priest
No. 16    The High Priest Attire - Part 2
No. 17    The Levites
No. 18    The Sacrifices Under the Law - Part 1
No. 19    The Sacrifices Under the Law - Part 2
No. 20    The Daily Service
No. 21    The Great Day of Atonement
No. 22    The Superiority of The Holy of Holies
No. 23    The Encampment and Order of March  -  Part 1
No. 24    The Encampment and Order of March  -  Part 2
No. 25    The Cloudy Pillar  
No. 26    The Many Travels of  The Golden Candlestick After The Wilderness Wanderings